Listening to the RT podcast.

Good thing that I did not attend the Geeks Who Drink thing at RTX, seems that about a 100 people got turned away and the capacity of the room + tables the needed was about 90.

With my luck that first day I would have been turned away (got turned away 4 times that first day).

They also talked about that the panel rooms next year will be bigger, which is good.

Audience: Kiss!
Gus: I would, but Geoff's beard is kind of prickly right now.
Geoff: Gus and I actually did kiss on camera once, for a CNN interview and they cut it.
Gus: Oh yeah, we did!
Geoff: Like right on the lips, in the middle of the interview and they fucking cut it.
Gus: Right when we were leaning into each other they were like "cut!" and that was it. So they made it look like we faked it but no, we were two steps away from doing it.
Geoff: Yeah.
Gus: That was a terrible question.
Burnie: Yeah, it really was.
Gus: But it made me think about kissing Geoff, so that was pleasant.
Burnie: Because that's what family's all about.
Gus: We also cuddled in a hotel bed once...
Matt: Okay, let's move on.
Burnie: Today has turned into a confessional.
Burnie: I sucked Joel's dick.
*growing laughter and whistling*
Joel: Why are you applauding that, what the hell's wrong with you!? Jesus.
Burnie: That was the first half of the spit cup story.
*audience is grossed out*
Joel: You know, I thought, "should I go-... no I better not go there".
Burnie: That's what you said that night.
Geoff: Alright...
Gus: Who's next?
I watched Halo Legends again.

I know what I’ll ask Burnie if I get a chance to ask him a question during the panels at RTX:

"In the Halo Legends episode Prototype we see a prototype heavy powered armor exoskeleton, do you think we might ever see something like that in Red vs Blue?"


Huge, awesome news everyone: Halo 4 will make its world hands-on gameplay premiere for fans at RTX, this July 7 and 8 at the Austin, TX convention center! Halo 4 marks the return of Master Chief and the beginning of a new saga in the best and biggest game series ever. We’re proud to announce that fans will have their first opportunity to play Halo 4 at RTX, and more than likely, destroy several members of the Rooster Teeth cast and crew in a few games. Thanks to everyone at 343 for making this happen!

My RTX badge arrived today. =D

My RTX badge arrived today. =D

I have 7.6 days worth of Drunk Tank / Rooster Teeth podcast on my mp3 player.

If I listen to 8 hours a day, it’s going to take me over 22 days to listen to it all. And I am going to listen to it all. It’s part of my preparations for going to the Rooster Teeth Expo in July. =D