you're a huge cutie omfg


Who is this? I want to give hugs to people that call me cute!

I have noticed a correlation between your posts on here about needing to get papers and things done whilst your NSFW blog has all of the new posts - are you a procrastiwanker?

Occasionally I’ll take a masturbation break, but the correlation of posting to here and on my NSFW blog is more just be browsing tumblr while taking a break. =p

You've just stubbed your toe! First thing you say: A.) Fuck! Or B.) Oh toe!


But I approve of your pun! I might say Oh Toe next time!


Dog pajama bottoms.

Once you get this send it to 10 of your favorite followers then answer 5 facts about yourself :) xx
  1. I haven’t had a kiss in 3 years.
  2. I think pegging is awesome.
  3. I’m working on writing a science fiction book.
  4. Because of my selfie spam tonight I gained 4 followers, but I lost at least 3. They couldn’t handle my pretty.
  5. I’m going to RTX 2014.
5th page of what? If you don't mind me asking

I’m working on a history paper about James A. Garfield the 20th President. I read a biography about him and now I’m writing what I think the 5 most important events in his life were.

In my opinion the five most important events in his life were (least to most important):

  1. That he was born in log cabin (the last of seven Presidents born in log cabins).
  2. His Civil War generalcy.
  3. The Presidential Election of 1880 (his nomination / the front porch campaign)
  4. His death (assassination / improper medical care).
  5. His Education
they'll have to go back to the last poke center they healed at, where ever that was, and then redo base

That’s what I thought, but I didn’t know if they were doing any sort of special rules.

This was gonna be anon. But wth?? I find you enourmously attractive!!

noooo I’m not that attractive

Seriously though thank you. :3

YAY HUGS! You are more than welcome ^_^

I think you're adorable, have an amazing range of tastes in some great things (movies/TV/music/etc), and that you should know this because it's important. :)

You are nice. Thank you. =D